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Python developer (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • development and maintenance of a voice robot as part of the Data Science team

We expect you have:
  • profile experience of backend development in Python (Django / Flask / FastApi) at least 3 years
  • experience in design and optimization of applications, search for technical solutions
  • experience or understanding of database architecture development and design, database creation and manipulation (SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL)
  • understanding CI / CD processes
  • experience in writing unit / e2e tests (PyTest / Unittest)
  • ability to do thoughtful code review

  • Kafka/GRPC
  • Coroutines
  • Flake8/PyLint
  • Docker+Kubernetes
Systems analyst (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • integration analysis of CVM-system (Customer Value Management)
  • optimization of relevant business processes

We expect you have:
  • specialized experience in the development and approval of requirements for at least 3 years
  • skills in technical documentation development and visualization through UML
  • general knowledge in the architecture of client-server applications
  • confident knowledge of integration analysis (REST, SOAP, MQ)
  • understanding of data exchange formats (XML / XSD, JSON)
  • knowledge of SQL (at the level of writing simple queries)
1C-developer (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • development and maintenance of 1C: UNF
  • implementation of accounting Trade and Warehouse from scratch in close cooperation with accounting and financial department of organization

We expect you have:
  • specialized experience of 1C-development from 3 years on ZUP modules, Trade and Warehouse, AXO, Accounting
  • confident knowledge of typical configurations (UNF, ERP), as well as experience in developing configurations from scratch using BSP
  • confident knowledge of UV (controlled forms) and SKD
  • understanding of accounting principles
  • knowledge of the principles of working with the web and integration interactions (XML, JSON)
Lead programmer of Embedded Linux systems (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • formation of a development group of 2-3 people
  • leading a development team of 2-3 people
  • organize constructive interaction, control the process and get results
  • development of embedded software in С / С ++ for Linux
  • Unit test development
  • maintenance of the developed software
  • interaction with related departments
  • participation in the full cycle of product development

We expect you have:
  • excellent knowledge of C / C ++
  • experience in writing embedded software, debugging projects on real hardware using hardware
  • knowledge of Linux at the developer level (development of algorithms, experience in building a kernel, device tree, systemd)
  • experience in developing system drivers for the target platform (processors. NXP / TI / ST and so on)
  • experience in configuring, assembling, deploying, integrating hardware interfaces
  • experience with ARM processors and microcontrollers CORTEX - M
  • experience with peripheral interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI, USB, PCIe, MIPI-CSI / DSI, CAN, etc.)
  • experience with real-time operating systems (RTOS and the like)
  • experience in functional testing and software debugging
  • experience in working with technical requirements and customer tasks (analysis, adjustments, formation and decomposition of tasks)
  • the ability to understand someone else's code
  • proficiency in English at a level sufficient for understanding technical texts (without vocabulary)
Frontend-developer (St. Petersburg)
We expect you have:
  • good knowledge of JavaScript (including ES6 +) / TypeScript;
  • 3+ years experience in SPA development on React, Redux / MobX;
  • understanding and / or practical experience in the development of backend services;
  • knowledge of the Git version control system;
  • experience in writing unit / e2e tests;
  • take part in open-source projects;
  • have experience in starting projects from scratch.
IT recruiter (St. Petersburg)
We expect you have:
  • understanding software development methodology
  • experience of IT personnel selection from 2 years
  • experience of using various search tools
  • understanding the modern stack of software development technologies
  • active life position
  • developed communication skills
Data analyst (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • preparation of various samples for business requests and for project research purposes
  • regular analysis of marketing campaigns, comparison of indicators before / after
  • creation and maintenance of interactive dashboards, automated reports
  • ad-hoc analytics
  • analysis of the results of A / B tests
  • interaction with the product team
We expect you have:
  • confident knowledge of mathematical statistics and the ability to use it in work
  • confident knowledge of Python at the level of standard libraries for data analysis (numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, statsmodels)
  • good command of SQL (join, filtering, aggregation, grouping)
Data (Quality) Engineer (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • search and analysis of data;
  • elaboration of requirements for data marts;
  • development of data marts;
  • development of data pipeline parts;
  • data quality assurance.

We expect you have:
  • excellent knowledge of SQL;
  • experience with Hive and / or ClickHouse, GreenPlum, PostgreSQL, Oracle;
  • confident knowledge of Python;
  • experience in developing data marts in accordance with the requirements.
Research Engineer (St. Petersburg)
We expect you have:
  • work experience as an electronics engineer, an automated control system engineer in food, chemical production;
  • higher technical education;
  • experience in developing electronics at the assembly level from ready-made modules of a simple device;
  • programming basics, arduino level;
  • knowledge of CAD 3D modeling, development of circuits, printed circuit boards;
  • knowledge of English at the level of reading technical documentation.
Middle QA Engineer (St. Petersburg)
What you will do:
  • testing of software products;
  • development of test plans and test cases for testing;
  • analysis of the results obtained during the passing of tests;
  • writing test documentation;
  • active interaction with the project team.

We expect you have:
  • understanding software development methodology;
  • knowledge of black box testing;
  • the ability to write understandable test documentation (test cases, test plans);
  • ability to work with defect accounting systems;
  • confident knowledge of SQL.